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  1. tried to create an account but the link does not work in my email

    • I registered as a new member 2 or 3 days ago and was confirmed and told to wait for an email before I could use the site. Thus far I have not received any such email and am not allowed to use the site. I keep getting an error that tells me to wait for the email

  2. I need to know if you are interested to develop this fantastic Sim i will back you up with planning and funds

    we need to talk reply back

  3. I have a question!

    Register at the site by clicking the link sent to you by mail to appear in the official rankings. And update your avatar in “My Account / Profile” at the top …

    where is this link?? thanks

    • The rank is in building. I’m alone to work on this simulator, then it is a little bit long, sorry

  4. lours: Great website! Is it possible to change the flag / county? lucky2b40 U.S.A. Thanks

  5. Hello, I would like to try the simulator, Is there a link to the download site? Thank You

    • No it’s a free simulator, only online … If you want to know more information, contact me . I’m LOURS

  6. bonjour,
    peut on changer la langue du site ?

  7. I cant no longer see the ranks o high scores, neither my grade, i remember before I could see if I was upgrading. Or if my score was one of the top ones, but now I can`t. Anyway it is a great tool. Congratulation.

    • Hello, I’m sorry there little bugs, We will work on very soon .
      Keep the “Sniper Spirit” !!!

  8. i want to register but im not sure, is it free? and do you have to register to use the simulator? also what are the benfits to being a registered member

  9. Yes it is free, if you are a membre , you CAN participate to the chalenge of all stage !!!
    Keep the Spirit !!!

  10. Cher Lours! Excusez-moi pour mon français, il a été longtemps depuis que j’ai écrit en français …. Vous avez développé un programme fantastique, mes sincères compliments!

    S’il vous plaît pourriez-vous conseiller: quand je démarre sur des exercices, je n’ai que la partie centrale de l’écran, et pas d’accès à “sortir du plein écran» ou «choix de grossissement scoop” et les fonctions Météo.

    J’ai déjà essayé de changer les paramètres du moniteur, mais cela ne semble pas aider. Peut-être que vous avez d’autres suggestions?

    A part cela, cet Esprit, Sniper est un outil de formation fantastique! Vous avez fait un travail splendide!

    • Bonjour, super vous parlez Français et de façon remarquable. Pour votre problème je pense que la résolution de votre écran est trop petite.
      LE simulateur est fait en Flash et sa dimenssion est de 1200 X 700 pixel . Essayez sur un autre ordinateur et essayez aussi de mettre la résolution la plus grande sur votre machine.
      Sinon en avant premeière je peux vous annoncer et vous serez le premier à etre au courant. Ce weekend je sort un utilitaire pour customiser les exercices, target et rifle !!!!
      A bientôt !!!

    • Bonjour Lours! Merci pour votre réponse! La solution est en fait très simple: réduire la taille de l’écran (Alt-X) de 100% à 75% … Le programme fonctionne très bien. J’ai beaucoup de plaisir à regarder les mises à jour que vous avez récemment mis en place. Fantastic!

      • Bonjour Wolf ,
        avez-vous testé de configurer un exercice. Look at the tutorial movie
        See you and keep the “Sniperspirit” !!!

  11. Hey all,
    Just wanted to say I am loving it, Started my account 1/17/2013 & plan to improve my skills over the cooold months. I don’t get to the range as much when the frozen tundra is about. Also it’s hard to find a place close to shoot long distance. Well I got a lot to learn & plan to use “Sniper Spirit” a lot. I also hope to donate as I can, to give back to the enjoyment I am receiving.


    • Thanks a lot for compliment, if you have any question , ask me , I would be happy to give you some help . Very soon there will be a new version to create a custom map. I gonna say you when it is online !!!
      Enjoy your shoot and Keep the sniperspirit !!!

  12. Thanks for the coffee this morning. Nice to meet you Lours, if you don’t mind me asking what part of this big planet are you in ?? Yes Yes Yes let me know about any and all downloads, updates or software because I’m diggen your site.
    Also I’m not very shy so I will ask questions when I have some good ones. I am always interested in any tips or estimation short cuts to improve my shooting, Have a super day.


  13. Is there going to be a mode that is more along the lines of target practice? To sight the gun in and practice? Without the target always moving after you shoot it? Great sim.

  14. Sir,

    I have recently registered and am now unsure of what to do next? I have reviewed all the tabs on top of the page and have know idea how to begin a simulation. Thanks in advance for your help.

  15. Sir,

    I now have no problem accessing the custom site, however that is it. I see the following message under the “exercices” tab

    Register at the site by clicking the link sent to you by mail to appear in the official rankings. And update your avatar in “My Account / Profile” at the top …
    Is this the issue why I cant start an “exercices”? Thanks

  16. tried to set up an account, you never sent confirmation email.
    your site recognizes my email but will not allow me to log in until I confirm.
    please re-send confirmation email.

  17. Hi,
    I found out about this simulator, I think it has great potential. I am particularly interested in animals long range hunting. I have already created a red deer target, I will upload it to this website. I think this would be great if we can make some animal animation like walking and death animation. I have some ideas to improve on like: pulling trigger using mouse left button is very important.

    • Hi Sniper !
      Yes good suggest. It would be possible to make new animals with animation , of course. Send me by mail a photos on one And I Will test it for your… Sea you snipehunter !!!

  18. very nice job man! this is obviously the best & greatest sniping game i’ve ever played in my entire life, it’s so much better than any sniping games out there such as Sniper Ghost Warrior, Sniper Elite, etc. this game has very great potential! keep up the good work!

    P.S.: seriously i really love your game bro! please make a downloadable version, it’ll be awesome :)

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