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Welcome to SniperSpirit , the best long range shooting simulator!

February 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’m currently looking for investors to help me improve my sniper simulator version to be able to put it on iPad and iPhone.
My passions are shooting and program development. If you are interested and have any questions about the Sniper Spirit please contact me or make a small donation.
Thank you.

I need you for progress this simulator !!!

Contact me for any questions :     loursbrun2005@hotmail.fr



If you have a little time to devote to this community of sniper, I’m looking for:

* A serious sniper who could deal with moderation of this blog to follow the forums from time to time, and respond to requests.

* A serious sniper to make a new rifle, table and picture in xml (it’s not to hard, I will guid you !).

* Some new panoramic  picture map 8000X2300 pixel with a X10 zoom

* A sniper who could very easily create other exercises using Mapcreator:



Good shooting, and especially to keep the “Sniper Spirit!”




A simulator of shooting at long distances extremely realistic. All weather parameters should be taken into account in order to perform a precise shot. The distance, temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind and its direction must be calculated as in reality. By numerous exercises, you can improve in all the work of calculation and share with this new community of shooting enthusiast, the same spirit that drives us, the “SNIPER SPIRIT”.


Three levels are available for you cause:





Beginner mode: 3 to 5 targets, weather simple

Mode confirmed: 5 to 8 targets, stable weather expert

Mode: 10 targets, not distances, very unstable weather


Register on the site and update your avatar in the options at the top to be able to appear in the official ranking of the best SNIPER of the site…


Here is a little help for the use of this Simulator: you must take into account the weather effects, as well as the distance to each target, to counter ballistic effects.


Here is the parameter to the elevation, that it compensates with the turret from the top:-remote Temperature atmospheric pressure.


Parameter for the horizontal derivation:-lateral wind drift gyro example:

Distance : 300 m => + 2.6
Température : 0°C => + 0
Pression : 0 hPa => + 0
Correction elevation sight = +2.6 + 0 + 0  = + 2.6 moa
Sight in MOA (Minute of angle) equal 1 clic = 1/4 moa
1 MOA = 2.9 cm à 100 mètre
or Mil (millième) soit 1 clic = 1/10 mil = 1 milli radian
1 MIL = 1 m à 1000 m

The turret is 6.75 moa click the arrow by screwing the turret to mount your shooting.




When the turret made a full turn, yellow light are visible and it must take into account the big yellow numbers.




The turret’s direction is used to against the wind and the gyroscopic effect.


When you screw in the turret, the shooting part right.





The weather station

The temperature at the top left can be displayed in ° C (degrees Celsius) or ° F (degree Farenight) the pressure at the bottom left can be displayed in hPa (hectopascal) or mb (milli bar) the pressure at the bottom left can be displayed in hPa (hectopascal) or MB (milli bar) the direction is given by the time dial (here the wind comes from 1 hour)


The wind direction :

The direction of the wind can give us a force equivalent in full effect to its direction:

- 6 m/s from 1 h, is equivalent to a wind full effect of 3 m/s

- 6 m/s from 2 hours equals a wind full effect of 5 m/s – 5 m/s from 4 H, equivalent to a wind full effect of 4 m/s

- 4 m/s from 8 H equals a wind full effect of 2 m/s

- 10m/s venant de 11H , équivaut à un vent plein effet de 5m/s

- 10m/s venant de 2H , équivaut à un vent plein effet de 8.6m/s


The munitions are not unlimited. You have 10 cartridges Chargers. Here you have 1 charger 10 balls or 20 ammunition.





To click on the red square which appears to the flying mouse, and drag downwards until the departure of the coup.







Le zoom :

There are three magnification: X 10, X 3 and the panoramic view of your playground.




The Mildot Master  range  :

Il vous aide à déterminer à quelle distance est votre cible :

It helps you determine how far away is your target: drag the slider on the inside to match the height of your target (Target Size) (cm) with the height in dot or MILS (the reticle black points).

Exemple :

Target Size = 90 cm

Hauteur en DOT : 3 mils

Vous pouvez lire ensuite directement la distance à droite (TARGET RANGE)

Distance = 300 m











Paramèters :

Cliquez sur PARAMS  to choose the unity of mesure


Distance de la cible  = Mètre / Yards

Température = °C où °F

Wind = mètre per seconde or miles per heure

Pressure atmosphérique = hectopascal or milli-bar

Turrets in  MAO soit 1 clic = 1/4 MOA où Mils soit 1 clic = 1/10 mil



Target :

The target number is displayed in small square below the target: here there are 5 to treat. When you have dealt with a target, the square turns orange, and appears in green on the target impact.


The height and width of the target are shown on the edges for the estimation of distance.


* The targets appear randomly in each exercise.






Réticules :

You can choose  4 réticules :

Full Dot


Light Réticule

Stadiamétriques Curve




Full screen :

You can enter full screen mode by clicking on Full-screen. To exit this mode, press ESC.

The table of shooting:

Shooting table is simplified to the maximum:

Range = distance

Elev =

compensation in height to be carried out following the fall of the projectile

Wind = lateral wind compensation full effect at 5 m/s (to you to extrapolate)

Press = pressure height compensation

Temp = high temperature compensation

You must make an average extrapolating data. It’s complicated, but sniper is a craft!


The profile and exercise left part:

On the left you have the name of the course.


The stars represent the difficulty of the exercise.


Your nickname appears if you people registered on the site.


Your avatar appears, if you are logged in.


The rank to the right of the avatar will later be your rank, according to your cumulative point total (this part is not yet developed, don’t worry, all the points you make at this time will not be lost when this option will be updated!)


Instead of SCORE: 2012 you’ll see it has total of your points, and on the website there will be an overall ranking!


The arrow to return to the page of exercises.

The lock allows you to connect with your character.

The bubbles allow you to access a single cat for each fiscal year, to discuss live with players of the same training course.The rotating arrows allow you to restart the exercise.


The result:















End of year: – all targets are processed – more ammunition – elapsed time of statistics appear in the light of: – number of processed targets – precision, or grouping of your impacts (0 = 100%, 50 cm = 50%, 100 cm = 0) – ammunition: relationship between your ammo which hit targets, wasted ammunition, and the number of target to treat.


The ranking of the 100 best SNIPER appears in a ranking to each fiscal year.


A podium of the 3 best SNIPER with the avatars will allow us to see who are the real SNIPER!




(This Simulator is a bette version and I’m waiting for all your comments to improve it for all to enjoy. And if you want to contribute actively by providing your technical knowledge for the advancement of this Simulator, contact me on the forum or by email on: sniperspirit@hotmail.fr)… BEAR